Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AFS Interview

One word. HORROR.

1st thing, insulted like shit by the interviewers.
2nd thing, scolded like hell by the interviewers.
3rd thing, grilled and fried from head to toes by the interviewers.

Oh, how much greater can you get from this "wonderful" interview?

I'm not going to talk about the interview here but just in case I am telling you, dear readers who have not gone for the interview yet, GOOD LUCK if you get Table 1. If you get tables 2, 3 or 4, you're lucky. Better pray to God and thank God a million times. =D

However, the ice breaking session and games were kinda fun. Although tiring, we still got to know a lot of friends from different schools. And hey! I talked to a German. LOL. xD Not a big deal, but my first time, I have to admit. =D

I am so freaking tired now after all the brain abuse this morning and also the running when we were playing Fruit Basket. I have little bruises on my knees now. Lol. xD

I am 100% VERY VERY VERY sure that I do not even stand 1% of the chance of being chosen, seriously. I had given a very bad impression to them even from the very beginning. I have given up hope and won't put on hopes anymore. =(



  1. hey. i am fatimah. one of your group member yesterday :)
    so, u got table 1 huh? i am very sorry for you. 2 of my friends got table 1 and one of them cried when they got out from the interview.

  2. Hi Fatimah! ^^

    Yeah.. I am just too unlucky. Which table did you get? How did your interview go?

  3. i got table 2. the interview was ok. thank god i got a very good interviewer =)

  4. Yeah. One of my friends got Table 2 too and apparently the interviewer was very understanding. You're so lucky... ^^

  5. yeah, the interviewers were very understanding. u got table 1, meaning that u need to sing aite? what song did u sang? coz 2 of my frens got table 1 and they need to sing.

  6. Nope, they didn't ask me to sing. They focused more on tokoh-tokoh, pakaian tradisional, rumah ibadat and makanan. They asked me to describe how to cook rendang ayam in BM. 0.o

  7. wow~ it must be really tough for u..or u really know how to cook rendang ayam?