Sunday, June 27, 2010

B2ST in Malaysia - 1 Utama

So, went to 1 Utama today. Saw the golden heads of B2ST members. Lol. xD

This was before they reached. And I actually got halau-ed by the guards. Gah.

Okay, no faces can be seen at all.

Okay, can you see two golden heads? Lol.

OHHHH They stood up! And there the fans went screaming again. Lol. xD

This picture was taken by mummy. She actually went over the line. Haha. And the picture's kinda blur because I zoomed. xD

This was actually my first time hearing fans shouting and screaming their lungs out in real life. And I really feel like going to a concert soon. Lol. Although I know it's not possible. But HOLY that was loud. xD

Today was indeed a very tiring day. Have to rest my feet. They're desperate for rest, you see. xD

Totally irrelevant topic :

Bought this during Daddy's Day at Sunway. First time buying this kind of shirt. I hope it doesn't collect dust in my wardrobe though. xD

-End of blog post-


  1. Translucent shirt. Lol. You can get alot of this from Thailand.

  2. did u just passed by or u went to the showcase??

  3. @Wendy, Haha. Translucent?! Well, it's kinda thick actually when you wear it. Lol.

    @Fatimah, I actually went there intending to meet them but it turned out that I only got to see their heads. Haha. xD