Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sweetsssss, again?!

Okay, so I went to Empire Shopping Gallery on last Saturday and bought these. They had this Japanese sweet fare I guess?? And guess what? I found Ghana chocolate endorsed by HS7!!

It's around.. RM6, I suppose?

And I bought this when I went to Japan. It's super super tasty, especially the strawberry one. But I couldn't find the strawberry one so I bought peach flavour instead. xD

LOL and I bought Hi-Chew again. This time the words are all in Japanese and it's longer than the one I bought before. =)

And guess what? I spotted this! Secretly took a picture when no one was watching. xD

Nakayama Yuma. xD

I was "deceived" for buying this one. I saw the wrong price tag and thought that it costed RM5 but apparently it was RM9. Sigh. My money~~~

I must admit that I bought them not for the sake of eating. Lol. I kept on telling my mum, "Mummy, who and who endorsed this!" and bought them. xDD

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