Monday, June 7, 2010

My "Debut" Visit to Green Box

So, I went to stay over at my cousin, Yan Ye's house yesterday along with another cousin, Yan Ru. We watched Tantei Gakuen Q from 2pm in the afternoon until 2am in the morning. Lol. But I gave up at 1am. I doze off while they were watching TGQ movie special. Lol. xD Anyway, they still managed to stay up to finish everything. I really salute them. =D

And today, we went to JJ Bukit Tinggi for karaoke at Green Box. We sang lots and lotsa songs including oldies. Lol. xD And... We sang some Japanese songs too like Only Human by K, Seishun Amigo by Shuji to Akira, NEWS Nippon by NEWS and KAT-TUN's Bokura no Machi de. As for Korean songs, we sang Nobody by Wonder Girls, Gee by Girls' Generation and Sorry Sorry by Super Junior. HOWEVER, they did not have "romaji" for Korean songs so we basically sang the whole song with "la la la la la". Lol. xD

Yan Ye on a kiddy's merry-go-round. Actually they had this warning that this merry-go-round is strictly allowed for kids only. xDD

Yan Ru and I. Yan Ye asked me to go into the car but I did not just to avoid problems like not being able to get out. =)

Yan Ru and I.

Lol. Just edited this picture. =)

Only Human! That's the girl from One Litre of Tears. =)

Gee by SNSD.

Seishun Amigo by Shuji to Akira. (Yamapi and Kamenashi)

So that's basically what happened today. =)

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