Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nothing Better To Do

School's gonna reopen next week! BANZAI! I am dying of boredom at home. How I wish I have siblings. =( Woke up in the morning, finished watching Code Blue 1 OMG I NEED CODE BLUE 2!!, ironed the clothes, done MJ homework, bathed Poofie, bathed myself and washed my toilet. Fuhh! *wipes sweat*

Yamapi is super cool, I must say. He looks cool at every angle especially when he is thinking hard on how to save the patients. *fainted*

Doctor Heli engine start! Hehe. Being a doctor is creepy after all, but challenging. OH WELL. =)

Just finished rewatching Hey! Say! JUMP-ing Tour 08'-09' and is feeling very nostalgic. I got goosebumps throughout the whole concert and Ding, HG session. Lol. xD

So Wendy's house tomorrow? SYT says it's a Lyodts' first "outing". Haha. Sad to say, our first "outing" is to do that troublesome NIE project. How sad... =(

And Sunway Pyramid on Friday? What are we going to watch? Since Wendy has already watched Karate Kid, we might as well go for other movies.. Let's discuss tomorrow, shall we? ^^

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