Friday, June 4, 2010

4th June, Last Day of Exam

So finally our Mid Year Exam has ended huh?? I'm mentally and physically drained now. I don't know why but I couldn't wait to touch my lappie just now at my aunt's house and now I am here. =D

I am wondering if I should start doing my Kerja Rumah Terancang soon. I don't feel like doing it at all, I hate homeworks and I need to enjoy as much as possible during this holiday. Why can't the teachers understand? Sigh...

I've just received a really shocking news from my dad that my grandpa is going to undergo a surgery tonight to remove his node to check if it's cancer or not. And the doctor said that it's 90% cancer but still needs to do further confirmation by removing his node. Oh noes, please God!! This year is seriously an inauspicious year. D: We have been visiting the hospital for like so many times this year. And two of the patients we had visited had passed on. Oh noes, grandpa, hang on there!

Here's HSJ's performance on Music Station today. ^^ I love Ganbaretsugo! and Score very much. =DDD

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